Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) webcasts its 2016 Investment Community Meeting on Thurs., Oct. 6.

Event materials, such as presentations, videos and transcripts are available here.

Event Materials

Meeting Transcript

Press Release | Walmart Outlines Plan to Win with Customers, including E-commerce Acceleration

Walmart Today | How Walmart is Transforming to Better Serve Customers

Steve Schmitt | Welcome Presentation

Doug McMillon | Presentation | Video: Walmart FY17 First Half Highlights

Brett Biggs | Presentation

Marc Lore and Doug McMillon | Presentation | Video: Walmart's E-Commerce Business Grows with the Acquisition of Jet.com

Roz Brewer | Presentation | Video: How Sam's Club is Transforming Business

David Cheesewright | Presentation | Video: The Story of Walmart's International Growth

Greg Foran | Presentation | Video: Walmart U.S. Over The Last Year

Non-GAAP Reconciliation | PDF