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LIVE BLOG: Walmart's Hurricane Florence Response

Walmart associates and partners are working to help those in impacted areas recover from Hurricane Florence. Find the latest on those efforts below.


11:00 AM: Ride along with JB while he delivers emergency shipments

Over the course of his 15-year career with Walmart, JB Quarles has driven more than 1,365,000 consecutive safe miles. He’s part of a small team of selected drivers called Road Team because of his heart for community, dedication to the company and customers, safety record, and his willingness to take action when needed. This year disaster stuck close to home. While watching the news about Hurricane Florence from his living room in South Carolina, JB got the call and was dispatched right away. Take a ride with JB as he delivers emergency shipments to stores impacted by Hurricane Florence.


4:00 PM: More than $7.5 million raised for hurricane relief

We're overwhelmed by our customers’ generosity to help those impacted by Florence. Since September 15, our customers have donated over $2.5 million. Our $5 million match will bring the total donation to Foundation For The Carolinas to over $7.5 million.

1:00 PM: Customer response to donation match

11:00 AM: Update from Associates at Pageland, SC Distribution Center

Associates at our distribution centers across the country are working hard to ensure we get supplies to the Carolinas and to those in need. Jeremiah and Milton talk about what they are doing in our Pageland, SC distribution center.

We’re packing our trucks full of bottled water to send to communities impacted by #HurricaneFlorence. 300,000 cases have already shipped out, and more are on the way.

Posted by Walmart on Saturday, September 15, 2018

10:00 AM: Facility Update

As of this morning we have 369 facilities open, 17 in recovery, and 15 are currently closed. Associates are working hard to ensure our stores are ready to serve. Click here for a current list of facility closures.


5:00 PM: Updated: Florence merchandise demand by the numbers

As we are continue our support of the impacted areas of Florence, our stores, clubs and distribution centers continue to get calls for additional supply shipments. Here's a breakdown of what we've shipped to the region so far:

Water: 2.9 million cases
Batteries: 950,000 packs
Generators: 1,600 units
Cereal: 2.2 million boxes/bags
Fruits & Vegetables: 5.3 million cans
Meat: 3.0 million cans
Breakfast Bars: 1.3 million boxes
Pop Tarts: 350,000 boxes
Mops: 39,000 units

All told, we've shipped more than 730 truckloads of water and more than 660 truckloads of emergency-type merchandise.

4:00 PM: A unique request from Spring Lake, NC

Associates at the Spring Lake, NC store jumped into action to gather supplies to drop off at a relief shelter set up at a local elementary school. The shelter has been without power for three days, but we were able to bring them all of the items they requested, in addition to a special request. One of the shelter aids mentioned they had not been able to brew coffee for days. As a result, associates went back to the store, brewed coffee, and brought it back to the shelter.

2:30 PM: Walmart associate embedded with North Carolina Emergency Operations Center

1:00 PM: Supporting a shelter in Wilson, NC

12:00 PM: Reopening in Darlington, SC

Associates have been working around the clock to get the Darlington, SC store reopened so that our customers can get the supplies they need to start their own recovery. An additional seven facilities have been reopened in the Carolinas since this morning. Click here for the updated list of facility closures.

11:00 AM: Restocking in Spring Lake, NC

Our associates are working hard to ensure we have the items needed most by impacted communities. This photo is from our Spring Lake, NC store. The store received its first truck of perishable goods in days, and were able to get the store stocked within two hours.

9:00 AM: Facility Update

As of this morning we have 345 facilities open, and 54 are currently closed. Associates are working hard to ensure our stores are ready to serve. Click here for a current list of facility closures.


5:45 PM: Associates across the country send words of support to the East Coast

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We’ve received videos from associates all over the country offering words of encouragement to our folks in the path of Florence. Sharing a few with you. This is what #TeamWalmart is all about.

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4:15 PM: Back at it in Mount Pleasant, SC

Associates from stores #4384 and #632 were out with crowbars and forklifts late Saturday stocking and preparing to reopen the facilities as soon as Sunday morning. To thank her associates, manager Nicole Rana is hosting an appreciation cookout at the store this evening.

2:00 PM: Florence merchandise demand by the numbers

As first responders and rescue crews work to assess the damage from Florence, our stores, clubs and distribution centers continue to get calls for additional supply shipments. Here's a breakdown of what we've shipped to the region so far:

Water: 2.7 million cases
Batteries: 900,000 packs
Generators: 1,400 units
Cereal: 1.9 million boxes/bags
Fruits & Vegetables: 4.6 million cans
Meat: 2.5 million cans
Breakfast Bars: 1.1 million boxes
Pop Tarts: 300,000 boxes

All told, we've shipped more than 730 truckloads of water and more than 660 truckloads of emergency-type merchandise.


6:00 PM: Walmart will match Hurricane Florence donations 2-to-1 up to $5 million

With a catastrophic storm, flooding and power outages hitting the Eastern Seaboard, Walmart and Sam’s Club are launching a customer campaign to assist impacted communities with hurricane relief. The Walmart 2018 Hurricane Relief Fund at Foundation For The Carolinas will match customer donations two-to-one with cash donations up to $5 million for disaster response and recovery.

“Our associates and friends have been significantly impacted by this devastating storm,” said Dan Bartlett, executive vice president of corporate affairs for Walmart Inc. “We’ve seen over the years that our customers all across the country stand ready to help their fellow citizens when mother nature hits. So we’re proud to provide a way to support their generosity during this great time of need.”

Click here to donate.

1:00 PM: Update from Charlotte, NC store 1666

8:00 AM: Florence Makes Landfall

Hurricane Florence made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, N.C., just after 7 am ET Friday. The storm is expected to slow down while it moves inland, likely resulting in heavy floods throughout the eastern parts of the Carolinas.

We continue to monitor the situation and provide support from our Bentonville Emergency Operations Center and regional operations hubs across the country. We are currently operating 305 Walmart facilities (i.e. stores, clubs, distribution centers, etc.) in the impacted region, with 96 others closed due to the storm. Click here for the latest information on facility closures.


7:00 PM: A message from Doug McMillon to associates

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6:00 PM: Our mobile pharmacy is ready to serve

Our mobile pharmacy unit is ready to serve those affected by #HurricaneFlorence. We’ll provide prescriptions,...

Posted by Walmart on Thursday, September 13, 2018

4:30 PM: Data from 2017’s historic storm season is helping us better prepare for Florence

In the days following a natural disaster, quick access to critical support supplies is vital to the success of first response and recovery efforts in affected areas.

By analyzing replenishment data from stores impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria during 2017, we’ve gained valuable insights on which recovery items are in the greatest demand and have made a number of investments to ensure better inventory availability across stores in the path of Hurricane Florence.

In addition, using insights to prepare in advance of the storm, we’ve shipped 1,000 truckloads of water, more than 60,000 cases of batteries and 33 truckloads of personal generators. Our goal — Help communities get back on their feet as quickly as possible following the storm.

10:30 AM: How we’re preparing for the storm…plus a few tips to make sure you’re ready

Inside Walmart’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), representatives from teams across our business are working in overdrive to help our facilities, associates and customers prepare for — and respond to — Hurricane Florence.

Here Lucas McDonald, director of the EOC, offers a quick look at the center, as well as some tips for people living in the path of the storm.

Donate for Hurricane Relief

Thanks to the generosity of customers, the Walmart Family has raised over $2.5 million, triggering a $5 million match from Walmart. While donations are no longer being matched, we encourage you to continue to support the fund. Program ends September 22.
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